National Dance Day - Let's Celebrate with a Hip Hop Combo!

In honor of July 26 being National Dance Day, students and teachers at Fitzsimmons Dance Factory thought we’d show a little bit of what we have been working on in summer classes. Our group one and two competition studetnts (ages 12 -17) worked on a very fun and dynamic hip hop combo where motivation, high energy, and positive vibes were found when mixing the classes together. In the videos you will see the combination (essentially a mini version of a dance), that Miss Carly and Miss Vicki choreographed. They spent two weeks working with the students and had a ton of fun moving all of the kids out of their comfort zones and trying a “sassier” style hip-hop routine. You can learn part of the c

FDF Alumni, Teddy Coffey and Courtney Lapresi, on So You Think You Can Dance and MasterChef

Two of our alumni have made it big on national television. Teddy Coffey, a 2013 Webster grad is competing in the top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance to become "America's favorite dancer." Teddy Coffey came to Fitzsimmons as a young boy to take hip-hop and tap classes. From the very first year he started, there was nothing but chatter about how impressive his dancing was and how much potential he had. As he grew a little older, he decided to pick up jazz, ballet and whatever else was going to make him a more well-rounded dancer for his promising future. It's been such a joy to see him following his dream and he now not only has fans here in Rochester, but all over the country! Make sure to

The Versatile Dancer – Why is it Important?

What does being a well-rounded dancer mean to you? We asked this to Amanda Russell, a senior for this upcoming 2014/2015 year. She replied with, “Putting the same focus and effort into every style that you do so you are able to adapt to all sorts of styles of dance wherever you may be, and stand out from the rest.” In school, teachers stress the importance of trying your best at all subjects, no matter which ones come easily and which ones require extra work. The point is to have a decent knowledge of all subjects because in one-way or another, they all relate and play off of each other. Dance is no different. Benefits of Versatility in Dance The benefits of being a well-rounded dancer can p

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