Get to Know Our Dance Teachers

Happy Birthday Miss Marianne! Since the early 2000s, Miss Marianne has been one of our talented ballet teachers for the competition classes at Fitzsimmons Dance Factory. To us, she represents the meaning of dedication, strength, and is ultimately our warrior. Miss Marianne has been seven years cancer free! Since today is her birthday, we wanted everyone to get to know the Miss Marianne that we all know and love. What is your first memory as a dancer? First dance recital- jazz dance to the Pink Panther movie...covered in hot pink sequin costume! What drew you to dance? The movie called the "Red Shoes." I danced around the house when I was 6 yrs old after seeing it. What is your funniest memor

Courtney Lapresi- MasterChef Winner

If you are following our social media then you most likely know by now that Fitzsimmons Dance Factory alum, Courtney Lapresi, was on MasterChef- a cooking reality tv show for “home cooks.” What is even more exciting (than the fact that she was on the show) is that Courtney won! She beat out 21 other competitors and rose to the top to be deemed a Master Chef. Courtney has definitely proven to be a trick of many trades as we saw her grow up dancing- who knew she could cook too?! We wanted to conduct a little interview with her to learn about her experience on the show and remind her of how proud and excited we are for her! Read on to check out the interview. FDF: What is your dance background?

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