Get to Know Our Dance Teachers

Happy Birthday Miss Danielle! We're so excited to have Danielle Rinallo back at Fitzsimmons teaching yoga and wanted to give a shout out to the birthday girl! Danielle has been part of the FDF family since the age of five. She was an extremely talented dancer from a young age and won many awards at Fitzsimmons throughout her dancing career. Here's a little more info about our very own Miss Danielle! What was your first memory as a dancer? I'm not sure if this is an actual memory or I've just seen the video a million times... but the first time I remember dancing was when my parents were doing construction on our house and half our family room was just one big bare wood floor. I tap danced us

The Holidays Are a Time for Dance!

The holidays are a time for giving, making cookies, decorating the house, visiting Santa, and many dance traditions. The Nutcracker and the Radio City Rockettes are holiday traditions that many look forward to every year. We are lucky enough to have FDF alumni that dance (have danced) in both shows! We've constructed a few interviews with Andrea Miller (class of 2012) and Kristin Altfather (class of 1991) to tell us what it's like to dance in their respective shows. Andrea Miller - The Nutcracker You perform in the Nutcracker every year, who is that through? MC Classical Productions and Ballet Prestige How many years have you been doing it? 8 years at MC Classical Production and 1 year at Ba

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