Get to Know Our Dance Teachers

It's Miss Carly's birthday today! Miss Carly has been with us since about seven years old and has danced her way through the most advanced-level competition class. Miss Carly currently teaches both our younger and competition students, including our junior and senior hip hop dance this year "We Run This." If you see Miss Carly today, make sure to wish her a very happy birthday! Dancing First memory as a dancer: Probably being in class at like 7 years old and doing our whole tap dance one at a time. That was scary! First memory in a performance: We did "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and got to carry around little shopping bags. I remember being on stage and skipping around with the shopping ba

A Special Thank You From Miss Lauri

I wanted to take a moment now that we just celebrated our 30th dance season to reflect, and most importantly, to say thank you. Where do I begin . . . I guess I will start by saying that when the doors first opened in the fall of 1985, I had no idea what would become or how long the studio would be open. The studio’s original goals were to provide children (no matter their age or ability) the chance to be exposed to dance as an art form, and to have their moment on stage to feel passion and joy and share that with an audience. We wanted to provide a place for those that danced once a week, or to those that danced multiple days a week, to explore the many styles of dance. We wanted them to ap

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