2017 Mini Dance Sessions

Our 2017 dance season has been off to a tremendous start! We have a new batch of mini session programs that we are offering. Below you will find information for mini sessions, free monthly classes, and adult classes. Please contact the studio with any further questions. We hope you find a program that's perfect for you! Here are your next available mini sessions! Repeating mini sessions that were offered in the fall have similar curriculum, but with the option to perform in our annual recital. Mini sessions will run for 8 weeks. Mini Sessions Schedule: 8 week sessions (Jan 23-Feb 17th) & (Feb 27-March 24) Any weather related closings will be made up the week of (March 27-31). ABC Mini Sessio

A Parent's View to Dance Competitions

The thrill of the competition season may be seen differently from a dancer's, teacher's, or parent's perspective. As a teacher, we are always striving to have our dancers prepared, put together, and focused to do their best. As a student, they're just thrilled to compete and try to win that first place trophy. But as a parent, what is really going on in their minds as they see hundreds of boys and girls learning from the best choreographers and competing against their peers? Leah Crane is a newer parent here at FDF with two daughters who compete at the studio. After attending 24Seven Dance Convention in Rochester, Leah had many takeaways that we also wanted to share. Just spent all weekend a

Happy New Year!

The beginning of a new year is always filled with such excitement and anticipation that we all share. The year 2017, personally, will have my youngest child (Vivian) turn 18 in February, graduate high school, and starting her freshman year of College at Nazareth majoring in business and dance. My husband Carter and I can’t wait to see all the new opportunities that come her way. My oldest son, Dillon, will be traveling once again for more volunteer work in Australia. Another new country for him to see and embrace himself in their culture. It will be a new chapter for Carter and me to live a life without our children in our home! Thankfully, I am surrounded by so many wonderful children at th

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