Fitzsimmons Dance Factory Annual Summer Intensive

Who’s teaching: Chantel Aguirre, Zach Frazee, Michael Keefe, Nate Poole, Heather Roffe, Natalie Scheel, Danny Wallace What classes: Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Tap When: August 19th-23rd, 2019 10am-5:30pm for intermediate to advanced dancers, 10am-4:30pm for those newer to a dance intensive like this. Where: Fitzsimmons Dance Factory in Fairport Pricing: Full week- $500 Per day- $125 Per class- $30 Why take part in this program? •Train and be inspired by current professional teachers and performers working in the industry •These teachers are often teaching in environments with large masses of students, we offer a intimate and welcoming space to dance and grow •To dance in ways in whic

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