Lauri Lucas


Lauri followed her dreams and passion for dance by opening Fitzsimmons Dance Factory in the fall of 1985. At the time, she had hoped to create a vibrant and energetic place for learning dance, while still maintaining a family-style environment for all levels of dancers. One of Lauri's main goals was (and still is) to give every dancer, regardless of age or ability, their moment to shine at our annual recitals. For 20+ years, Lauri has provided dancers this chance by giving them the opportunity to perform at the Auditorium Theater and beyond.


Lauri grew up in Rochester, NY which is where she gained her first love of dance. Upon graduating high school, she continued her dance training by commuting to Buffalo on a weekly basis to study jazz, lyrical, and tap. She also traveled to NYC three to four times a year to further her education and to study under master teachers, starting back in the early 80's. Lauri continues to attend local and national workshops to continue her growth in dance. She strongly believes that you can never stop learning or being inspired by what others have to offer in the art of dance.


Lauri has been happily married for 20 years to her wonderful husband, Carter. She is so thankful for the "Mom role” Carter plays with their two children, Dillon and Vivian, during the nights when she’s teaching.

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