The Versatile Dancer – Why is it Important?

What does being a well-rounded dancer mean to you? We asked this to Amanda Russell, a senior for this upcoming 2014/2015 year. She replied with, “Putting the same focus and effort into every style that you do so you are able to adapt to all sorts of styles of dance wherever you may be, and stand out from the rest.”

In school, teachers stress the importance of trying your best at all subjects, no matter which ones come easily and which ones require extra work. The point is to have a decent knowledge of all subjects because in one-way or another, they all relate and play off of each other. Dance is no different.

Benefits of Versatility in Dance

The benefits of being a well-rounded dancer can pay off in more ways than one might think. Let’s say Student A loves hip hop, but has never taken a ballet class; but Student B who loves hip hop takes three ballet-technique classes a week. Now we’re not saying that Student B is indefinitely better than Student A, but the chances are that the student with a ballet background is going to have a better idea of how to use their body and adapt to this different style of dance. Being a well-rounded dancer has many benefits; not only does it improve upon other styles of dance, but it also makes you realize what style you may really love.

Versatility at Fitzsimmons Dance Factory

We start all of our students with at least two styles of dance. By the time they age a little, they are exposed to many styles and teachers. It is important for us not only to offer several styles of dance, but to also bring in different teachers than they are used to working with; whether they be guest teachers from Los Angeles or a Fitzsimmons Dance Factory alumni. We do not want our students get too comfortable with one teacher and not be able to adapt to another’s style of dance and teaching. Students can try different dance genres and some may find that certain classes stand out for them more than others. Most of our students will stick with all styles we offer up until they graduate, but there are a few that may turn their focus on a particular one.

Well-Rounded Dancers are Recognized

During the OnStage competition in Niagara Falls, our teens and seniors won an award for their versatility. Not only were we extremely proud of them, but it was confirmation that we are doing the right thing. Not only do we expose our students to many different styles, we give each subject the time it deserves and make sure every dance is performance-ready and it shows. Judges noticed and commented that Fitzsimmons dancers were remarkable at tap dancing and also show unbelievable passion in a contemporary dance. This is what we aim for at Fitzsimmons; the opportunity to let students be well-rounded and participate in each and every style that they love, while still having a clear background and knowledge in all genres.

Summer Classes

Join us this summer for our week long, intensive workshop for competition students only. Guest teachers from around the country will be teaching everything from hip hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, and musical theater.

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