National Dance Day - Let's Celebrate with a Hip Hop Combo!

July 25, 2014

In honor of July 26 being National Dance Day, students and teachers at Fitzsimmons Dance Factory thought we’d show a little bit of what we have been working on in summer classes. Our group one and two competition studetnts (ages 12 -17) worked on a very fun and dynamic hip hop combo where motivation, high energy, and positive vibes were found when mixing the classes together.


In the videos you will see the combination (essentially a mini version of a dance), that Miss Carly and Miss Vicki choreographed. They spent two weeks working with the students and had a ton of fun moving all of the kids out of their comfort zones and trying a “sassier” style hip-hop routine.



You can learn part of the combo by watching the first video, where Miss Carly and a few of the students slowly break down a few eights of what they were working on. The second video is a “full-out” version (everyone trying their hardest) of that portion of the combination.


Hope you enjoy, and Happy National Dance Day!





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