Summer Dance Intensive Starts Next Week!

We’ve been dancing all summer long in our weeknight classes but now for the students who opted out of taking the classes due to vacations and other summer plans, or those who want an extra week of dance to finish out their summer, we have the Intensive Camp next week!

The camp will be Monday to Friday starting early in the morning up until late afternoon. The students will participate in a variety of classes that vary about an hour long in length with a lunch break in the middle of the day for some time to eat and reset their minds!

What we Love About the Intensive Camp

It's the time when we bring various renowned choreographers in from around the country to teach. We have been doing workshops and camps such as this for the last ten years so it’s fun for the students because some of the choreographers actually get to know them personally when they keep coming back to our studio every summer (and throughout the year). Of course we always try to bring in new choreographers each year too to expose them to more than just what they know and are comfortable with to make them more well-rounded dancers (see previous blog post).

For this camp in particular, it’s not called “intensive” for any old reason. Being that most of the classes are taught by guest choreographers, expectations are high which then puts even more of a demand on the students to work hard and give their all. The classes aren't easy so we as teachers love to see our students use their brain, body, and passion in order to succeed in each style they take. With that being said, of course the camp is a ton of fun and another bonding experience for all the students to go through together. Overall, the week is a really great way to end the summer where they can dance, work hard, and have fun before the school and dance year starts again.

Here is the lineup of what choreographers are coming and their styles:

Lauren Adams- Contemporary

Alex Blitstein- Contemporary/Jazz

Michael Keefe- Contemporary/Tap

Chantel Aguirre- Ballet/Contemporary

Kevin Harris- Hip-Hop

Anthony Russo- Tap

James Washington- Contemporary/Jazz

We will have pictures and videos to follow next week so make sure to check back to see!

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