The Health Benefits of Dance

There can be an unfortunate misconceived notion that dance isn't really a sport and rather just a large sum of money to pay without much payoff in the long run. OK, now that that rumor is out of the way, I'd like to take this post to talk about some of the amazing health benefits of involving your child in dance class.

Payoff in School

According an article on, involving your child in performing arts can actually have major payoffs in their schooling. Being in dance class and constantly learning new steps and dances will cause them to be on the tip of their toes, in turn making them a very quick thinker. Becoming a fast learner will only bring positive results in their school day as well as their daily lives!

Anxiety & Self-Esteem

For children (and probably everyone), it's scary to think about going on a big stage and performing in front of a ton of people. While performing, every dancer is building up their self-esteem and potentially being able to put a handle on any anxiety they may face. Performing on stages and in front of people the longer they are in dance, the more their confidence level will increase. Who doesn't want a confident daughter or son with high self-esteem because they know they can conquer their fears?!

Health Benefits

It really is plain and simple - dance is just good for you! It's good for your heart, it will make you flexible, help you to balance better, increase your energy, and (maybe) most importantly, help you make friends! Just the same as any other sport too, it teaches you to become a team player because everybody in class has the same goal.

Dancing at Fitzsimmons Dance Factory

We love to see the students grow from year-to-year. There's been countless times where we will see a student so nervous and shy to perform on stage and then all of a sudden the next year they are incredibly excited and can't wait to get out on stage! Along with that, we can't stress how much of a family everyone is at FDF. It really is a place to make lifelong friends while staying healthy, being part of a team, and learning to think fast on your feet (which benefits school, too)!

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