Get to Know Our Dance Teachers

Happy Birthday Miss Danielle!

We're so excited to have Danielle Rinallo back at Fitzsimmons teaching yoga and wanted to give a shout out to the birthday girl! Danielle has been part of the FDF family since the age of five. She was an extremely talented dancer from a young age and won many awards at Fitzsimmons throughout her dancing career. Here's a little more info about our very own Miss Danielle!

What was your first memory as a dancer?

I'm not sure if this is an actual memory or I've just seen the video a million times... but the first time I remember dancing was when my parents were doing construction on our house and half our family room was just one big bare wood floor. I tap danced using the room as my stage! I was 3.

What was your first memory in a performance?

My solo - Turn the Beat Around, red sparkles and Gloria Estefan. Step digs and smiles. :)

What drew you to dance?

Ever since I can remember I've just loved to dance. I guess I have it in my genes... my dad loves to dance and used to teach classes at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

What is your funniest memory dancing in class or on stage?

Watching my sister dance around age 5 - on stage at the recital - she pushed the dancer next to her because she wasn't doing the moves right.

What dancer was your inspiration growing up?

Miss Lauri, all the assistants and teachers we took classes from at NYCDA, and in college I was inspired by Martha Graham and Isadora Duncan.

Color of your first costume or description?

I don't know my first.... but my best was for my solo, Pocahontas (pictured below) - Miss Jean stenciled a beautiful design on it, and my mom and I made and attached the strands of beads that hung on my dress.

How many years have you been teaching?

Four years in college choreographing dances at SUNY Geneseo, five years teaching yoga - private lessons, group classes and workshops, and so happy to have joined the Fitzsimmons team after moving back from California in 2013.

Favorite part of teaching?

Seeing the kids joy when they achieve a challenging yoga pose or grasp an inspiring concept.

First memory of teaching?

When I was young...choreographing dances for my sister and cousins in my family room at holidays.

Funniest moment of teaching?

Some of the stuff we do in yoga feels just plain weird! Like sticking your tongue out for lion's breath. lol. I love it when the kids and I laugh together as we try new and fun things.

What's your favorite...

color? Maroon

book? 1984

tv show? Elementary, The Good Wife, Suits

movie? The Hunger Games Series

broadway show? Lion King

dancer? Choreographer Mia Michaels

artists? Photographer Richard Avedon

season? Summer

game? Catchphrase

food? Surf and Turf

travel spot? Lake Tahoe

Anything you want to tell us about your family?

I am so grateful for my family and their support. My parents brought me to Fitzsimmons to start classes at age 5. They spent hours driving to and from the studio, invested in the costumes, competitions and extra classes. My dad, sisters and grandparents came to every recital. My mom has always been by my side.

Thanks Danielle for sharing a little bit about yourself. We love learning about our teachers! Have a happy birthday!

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