Get to Know Our Dance Teachers

Happy Birthday Miss Laura!

Miss Laura started as a student at FDF when she was just seven years old and moved her way up to the most advanced competition level and received many awards and top placements over the years she danced with us. We've been lucky enough to have her as a teacher since she graduated high school in 2000! She currently teaches lyrical to some of our competition students along with helping out with the marketing and advertising for the studio. Check out some of Miss Laura's favorite moments from teaching and when she was a student!

And everyone make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday :)

What was your first memory as a dancer?

I was about eight or nine years old and we were learning grand battements in ballet class, center floor. My knee must have been bent and Miss Kathleen came over and fixed it. When I did it correctly, she yelled to the whole class that I had the greatest grand battements! I remember it to this day and I was so happy by her response that I wanted to do everything right after that! lol

What was your first memory in a performance? Six years old dancing to Bippity Boppity Boo in a white and red polka dot costume. We had minnie mouse ears on and mine kept falling down to the point where I let it just sit on my forehead. I also had bad

allergies so I itched my nose the entire performance. All is on video!

What drew you to dance? Believe it or not, I wanted to do gymnastics! My parents insisted I try dance first. After a year of dance, I still begged to do gymnastics, so I did both. Obviously I ended up sticking with dance and I’m so glad I did! (However you may still see me flipping around here and there).

What dancer was your inspiration growing up? All the teachers at FDF. They helped shape me into who I am today.

How many years have you been teaching? Since I graduated high school. Long time ago!

What is your favorite part of teaching? Watching the kids grow each year. I’m finally at that age where my first students have graduated. It was great seeing them develop into wonderful dancers.

What is your first memory of teaching? I used to teach the younger kids (3-5 years old), and I remember a student who was so scared to even come into the room and cried and clung onto her mom. Once I got her in, she wouldn’t do anything across the floor. Gradually, I got her to come out of her shell and by the end of the year; she was on stage dancing at recital with a big smile. It was definitely a great experience!

What has been the funniest moment of teaching? Learning the teachers’ dance. We’ve had many fun moments there. Too many to name!

What's your favorite...

Color? Purple

TV show? Recently it’s Shark Tank. I’m a big reality-show junkie.

Movie? The Princess Bride

Broadway Show? Chicago

Dancer? Mia Michaels

Season? SUMMER

Food? Chinese

Travel Spot? Bermuda

Anything you want to tell us about your family? I have a wonderful family and a new addition to it! Baby Blake was born this past June. He is the greatest gift that was ever given to me! I love him to pieces! One of my biggest support systems is my husband Brian; we got married back in 2011. Any Pittsford students out there? He may just be your Spanish teacher! And of course my parents...if it wasn’t for them...I would never have ended up at FDF! Between classes, costumes, and driving me all over, I appreciate their dedication and support for my love of dance. Oh yeah...and everyone always asks me about Bruce, our bulldog. He has a few words for you...

Thanks Miss Laura, hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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