Get to Know Our Dance Teachers

Happy Birthday Miss Andrea!

Miss Andrea is an alum and current teacher at FDF and she just turned 21! She was nice enough to share some fun memories as a student and from being a teacher these past 2 years. Check out what she had to say!


What is your first memory as a dancer?

I can remember being in the classroom at my first studio and working on my boogie woogies in a circle in my tap dance to Rockin Robin. I was about 8 years old.

What is your first memory in a performance?

The first memory I have performing on stage is when I was about 8 or 9 years old and I was doing my ballet dance. We were dancing to Cinderella and our ending pose was us lying on the stage. I was supposed to say, “Go” to signal the class to exit the stage, but I forgot to say it! So we were on stage for a good while until someone backstage yelled, “Go!”

What was the color of your first costume?

The color of my first costume I believe was black with a fringe skirt, and it had rainbow feathers on one shoulder and a rainbow sequin waist band.


How many years have you been teaching?

This will be my 2nd full year of teaching. I have been an assistant teacher since I was 13, but was a full-fledged teacher at age 19.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

My favorite part about teaching is being able to help students grow in their dancing. I love giving corrections and answering questions and physically fixing the students to help them improve. When I see a student smile or jump around with excitement when they finally understand something they have been struggling with, it makes me just as excited if not more excited!

Funniest teaching moment?

I would have to say that the funniest moment that I have had teaching is when I was teaching a tap class. We were doing pick-ups across the floor and I was helping one student with her left double pick-ups. I was going slowly and helping her along, when my feet just were not underneath me and I fell flat on my face. Didn’t even make a sound when I fell! The class was laughing and it was quite hilarious. Who knew you could fall doing such a simple step!


What is the most recent song played on your iPod?

The most recent music played on my iPod is the, “How to Train Your Dragon” album and also, “Sh-Boom” from the movie Cars.

What is your favorite:

Color: Orange

Book: The Nancy Drew Mystery Series

Tv Show: I Love Lucy

Broadway Show: I have never seen an actual Broadway show, but I love, “Phantom of the Opera,” and, “Hairspray.”

Dancer: Kathryn Miller

Season: I like all, but summer is slightly ahead of the rest

Game: Apples to Apples and multiple card games.

Food: Everything.

Travel Spot: My family cottage on Harsens Island, Michigan.

Thank you Miss Andrea! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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