Get to Know Our Dance Teachers

June 12, 2015


It's Miss Heather's Birthday! Miss Heather was one of the first FDF alumns and we have been lucky enough to have her teaching with us ever since! In honor of her birthday she's shared some fun memories with us. 




Where did you grow up dancing/get your education? - FDF then dance major at SUNY Brockport


What is your first memory in a performance? Pushing the girl next to me on stage because she missed a formation change.  I was about 7 yr. old.  Destined to be a dance teacher even back then.


What drew you to dance? Everything but I love being on stage!


What is your funniest memory dancing in class or on stage? Getting to the recital about 10 years ago and Miss Patty and I realized we never choreographed our duet section for the teachers dance.  We choreographed it out in the parking lot of the Auditorium Theatre.


What dancer was your inspiration growing up? Miss Lauri


What was the color of your first costume or description?  1st FDF costume:  Black and white check leotard, black skirt, black hat, white boot spats.  Jazz Dance -  The Munsters Theme Song & Tap Dance - Twist and Shout





How many years have you been teaching? 22 years


What is your favorite part of teaching? Seeing my students on stage after they worked so hard in the studio





What is the most recent played song on your iPod? Probably something by Dave Matthews


What's your favorite

                      color - purple

                      book - The Outsiders

                      tv show - Friends

                      movie - The Crow

                      broadway show - Jersey Boys

                      dancer - Gene Kelly  & choreographer - Bob Fosse

                      artists - Degas

                      season - Fall

                      game - Apples To Apples

                      food - pizza

                      travel spot - Sedona, Arizona or anywhere by the ocean

                      sport - baseball Go Yankees!!!

                      holiday - Halloween




Having my 3 nieces (Samantha, Taylor, and Olivia) dancing at the studio makes me so proud.  I'm so glad they share the love of dance with me and that we have such a tight bond.  Seeing them smile in class and on stage is the best part of my day.  Love you Sammie Lyn, T, and Livy Lou!


Happy Birthday, Miss Heather! Thank you for everything that you do for us. We love you!