Get to Know Our Dance Teachers

It's Miss Carly's birthday today! Miss Carly has been with us since about seven years old and has danced her way through the most advanced-level competition class. Miss Carly currently teaches both our younger and competition students, including our junior and senior hip hop dance this year "We Run This." If you see Miss Carly today, make sure to wish her a very happy birthday!


First memory as a dancer: Probably being in class at like 7 years old and doing our whole tap dance one at a time. That was scary!

First memory in a performance: We did "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and got to carry around little shopping bags. I remember being on stage and skipping around with the shopping bag (hopefully I was actually doing the dance!)

What drew you to dance? It was the only activity I did when I was younger that didn't make me immediately cry when I was dropped off. :)

Funniest memory dancing in class or on stage? hen I was a sophomore we had this costume that was a skirt with long slits in it and we would always play around with them before we danced. In one competition my friend Meagan (another fellow FDF alum) tied the back portion of her skirt skirt together with the front and forgot to untie it before going on stage. Best part was she was the first dancer to start on stage so when we watched the video back as our dance was starting all you saw was Meagan there with a big knot in her skirt. I don't know if she ever lived that down.

What dancer was your inspiration growing up? Missy Elliott music videos

Color of your first costume or description? It was a little white leotard that was all sparkly with like a feather skirt or pants to put over it and a matching feather headpiece.


How many years teaching? 3

Favorite part of teaching? Getting to see all my students and everybody at the studio every week. Everyone is such a family and it makes you feel home to be there.

First memory of teaching? Having my first class by myself is a memory in itself. So bizarre to go from being a student to a teacher the next year and have your own students. I loved it!

Funniest moment of teaching? Actually happened this year. My one class just had a really hard time getting to their half hour tap class. One day it got to be 5 minutes after when class was supposed to start and a few girls started trickling in. I asked one of them where the rest of them were and she said she would go get them to come in. She comes back 2 minutes later and says "they're not coming in." I said "what?" She's like "well they said they'd be in in 5 minutes" They were such divas!!


Most recent played song on your ipod?

Ed Sheeran

What's your favorite...

color: Blue

tv show: Friday Night Lights

movie: Step Brothers or Despicable Me

dancer: Vicki Coleman

season: Summer

food: Anything with pasta, or Mexican

travel spot: Myrtle Beach because I've gone with Vicki's family every year since I was 13 :)

sport: Football

holiday: Christmas

Happy birthday, Miss Carly! Hope your day is wonderful, just like you!

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