Dance Bag Etiquette

I am always shocked when a student asks me for a Band-Aid during ballet/pointe class. I ask the student what is in their dance bag and many say they emptied their bag and forgot to put them in. One important rule of a dancer, never clean out your dance bag out!

If you clean out your bag, you'll surely forget important items. I encourage all my girls to have a necessity kit in their dance bag. This is a great idea for moms/dads for holiday and birthday presents. The necessity kit should include the following:​​

  • Band-Aids

  • Polysporin

  • ice pack ( a sponge in a Ziploc bag works well)

  • deodorant

  • hair pins

  • bobby pins (there is a difference between the two)

  • hair ties

  • needle and thread

  • small scissors

  • nail clippers

  • BF powder for blisters

  • medical tape for toes

  • extra leotard and tights

  • dance sweater

  • any other personal item necessary.

​A prepared dancer makes for an efficient artist. The next time your child says she can't clean her dance bag out, remember it's straight from Miss Kathleen's Pointe!

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