Dancer Nutrition: What to Eat Before Competition

A dancer’s diet is one of the most important parts of keeping a healthy, strong, and energized lifestyle. At Fitzsimmons Dance Factory, we encourage adopting a healthy lifestyle that focuses on nutrition fit for dancers. The right food for dancers can fuel great

rehearsals, practices, and competition days. Let’s explore nutrition for dancers, and what not to eat before a dance competition.

Opt for water instead of soda. Soda is a bad idea to drink before a dance performance. It can cause dehydration and is unnecessary sugar. Drink water instead to stay properly hydrated. Dancing takes a lot of energy and you need to have plenty of water in your system to cool you down during and after your dance routine.

Snack right. Competition day can be nerve racking. Instead of heavy meals, choose

snacks and small meals full of carbohydrates to help sustain energy. Eat healthy, small

snacks to keep up energy like granola, trail mix, crackers, and rice cakes.

Eat enough on performance days. You don’t want to leave yourself without any fuel.

Food is a source of fuel for the body, especially on crazy competition days where you’re

putting all your effort towards your routines. Not eating the day of competition can lead

to low blood sugar and jeopardize your performance

Avoid foods that cause bloating. Cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, beans, and

cauliflower are foods that can be difficult for the stomach to break down. They can

cause painful cramps and bloating. We also recommend not consuming whole grains,

dried fruits, or nuts 24-48 hours before competition. Especially for those who are

sensitive to these foods. But they can be great sources of energy if you don’t have any


Stick to eating healthy foods during dance rehearsal, practice, and especially before

competition. The wrong foods and beverages can harm a dancer’s performance, so be

mindful of eating decisions. It’s always important to be attentive to what we put in our


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