Observation Weeks Starts November 7!

Hello Dance Friends,

It’s now been a few months since classes have started, and all of our new and old dancers are settled in and curriculum is in full force. We spent the first couple of weeks reviewing where we left off last season, and for our youngest dancers, they are experiencing the gift of dance. The faculty is getting to know all of the new faces and our excited for all that is to be learned this season.

As we enter the next two months of dance, we’ll continue to build on the curriculum, which is reinforcing a strong base for our dancers’ education. All of this will be the basis for their upcoming recital performances in June. The end of 2016 for the staff will be finalizing our recital dances and costumes! It’s hard to believe how fast a season can fly by and all that goes into a full season of dance.

The week of November 7-12 will be parents observation week, and a week full of proud parents that will see already what their dancers have accomplished in just a few months. Reminder, that as much as the staff would love to discuss your dancer’s progress after class, please keep in mind that the teachers do need to get ready for their following class. If you do have any concerns or questions, you may leave a message for your dancer’s teacher in the office, and they will be happy to get back to you. The easiest form of communication is via email, so make sure that you leave that in the office with your note. Also, remember that this is a very busy week for the teachers and it might be a couple of days before you hear any response from them.

We do hope you take advantage of this week of dance and enjoy your visit with us!

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you for being understanding if you have encountered any glitches in our new software, and we do hope that you are finding the features to be helpful.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you in the next coming weeks at the studio.

Miss Lauri

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