Fitzsimmons Dance Factory Has a New Logo! Take a Look Back into Our History.

Back in 1985, after a long time going over various names and logo choices, we as a team decided on the studio name of “Fitzsimmons Dance Factory.” We also knew that we wanted to mix the softness of a dancer with the mechanics of a factory. Combining a dancer with a cog become our signature look. C & C Music Factory hadn’t even hit the pop charts; that wouldn’t happen until five to six years later with their iconic cog CD cover and video.

The first dancer to be our logo model was a FDF dancer named Susie Shelhamer. We had her lay down on a big sheet of paper and Jean traced her body. Over the years, our logo has been painted on walls, adorn on many articles of clothing, and even seen on a lit up billboard. Though the cog had changed a bit and the font updated, Susie remained the same.

In the early 2000's, we created a new summer logo. Replacing the cog with a sunburst which still mimicked the shape of the cog.

As we approach our 35th season (2019-2020), we wanted a new look, but one that still embraced our original logo. We asked two or our current dancers to come in for a photo shoot to provide images for our designer. Katie Marcoccia and Madi Rucker came to the studio and allowed us to play with different poses that we thought would work. We felt that it was appropriate to have a dancer be our new model like we had done so in 1985. Our designer took one of the photos and transformed Madi into a fabulous silhouette, which is now the new dancer in the FDF logo.

Look for more exciting announcements to be made as we begin to prepare for our 35th dance season!

First studio located on Mill Street in the village of Fairport known as “Charlie’s Marina.” It was a one room dance studio and the West wall featured our very first ever FDF Logo. We were only in this location for one dance season and moved to our next location.

Susie Shelhamer, 1990 Alum

Our second location which was just two buildings (west) of our current location had a billboard and it had the feature to light up at night.

“Every Body Dance Now” by C & C Music Factory was released in 1990.

Summer logo 2017.

Several different items showing off our logo listed below:

Cakes, socks, t shirts. We even found ways to make our logo festive!

It's been a tradition right from the beginning to wear FDF logo apparel to school before a competition weekend to show off our team spirit. Here, in 2017, our Penfield girls even got one of their teachers involved too!

The Photo Shoot!

Katie Marcoccia, Junior at Fairport High School

Katie during the photo shoot felt the need to re-create the original pose.

Madi Rucker, 10th grader at Victor High School. This is was the final picture we went with.


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