Fitzsimmons Dance Factory at Rochester Fringe Festival 2019

“Somewhere In Between” FDF faculty featured: Mr. Zach (choreographer) and Miss Lulu (dancer) -Dates and Times: Wednesday September 11th @6pm, Thursday September 12th @ 6pm, Saturday September 14th @4pm -Location: The Lyric Theatre -Tickets: $15 (can be purchased online at or our website, at the door, or at the Fringe Box Office) -Show Description: "Somewhere In Between" is a collaborative work created with the intention of exploring individuality within the lens of gender expression. This evening-length work is comprised of dance, music and poetry, creating an all-inclusive atmosphere that will allow audiences to delve into their own experiences while witnessing this multi-disciplinary performance. Choreographed by Frazee Feet Dance Artistic Director Zachary Frazee and dancers, while accompanied by local poet, Reilly Hirst, and featured musician, Greg Woodsbie, this performance should not be missed.

“Endless” FDF faculty featured: Miss Vivian (dancer) and Miss Michayla (dancer) Date and Time: Thursday September 12th @7pm -Location: School of the Arts- Allen Main Stage Theatre -Tickets: $10 (can be purchased online at <> or at the door or at the Fringe Box Office) -Show Description: "Endless" is a 45-minute dance piece set to the music of Frank Ocean's album, "Endless." It looks deeper into relationships, love, insecurity, identity, depression, control and the complications that come with being alive. A constant flow of contemporary/modern-based storytelling movement, "Endless" is riddled with questions, but offers no answers. Audience perspective is the only meaning.

“Merged VII” FDF faculty featured: Miss Lulu (dancer) and guest faculty Heather Roffe (choreographer) Dates and Times: Wednesday September 11th @8:30pm, Tuesday September 17th @8:30pm, Thursday September 19th @7:30pm, and Saturday September 21st @5pm -Location: Geva Theatre Center- Fielding Stage -Tickets: $12 (can be purchased online at or at the door or at the Fringe Box Office) -Show Description: International choreographers James Hansen and Heather Roffe return to Geva Theatre Center for MERGED VII. A repeat CITY Newspaper Critics’ Pick, this collaboration blends physically exciting dance with multi-media elements, including short films by collaborator/filmmaker Johannes Buckwoldt, for choreography that is simultaneously thought-provoking to seasoned dance viewers and accessible to first-time audiences. CITY wrote: “It seemed new and fresh, yet it was still accessible and, at times, even poignant (2014)” “I was captivated by ... some very exciting dancing (2017)” and “I was moved to tears.”

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