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Dance classes for ages 3 and up


Recreational Dance Programs

Fitzsimmons Dance Factory offers a variety of classes from beginner to advanced for ages three to teen at the non-competitive level. Beginners can benefit from an introduction to the dance curriculum and explore several forms of movement such as tap, ballet, and jazz. As they advance, each class and level explores new material and continues with exercises to establish the strengths and skills evident in posture, coordination, flexibility, and stamina. These classes are great opportunities for building self confidence and coordination.

Level 1 consists of 3 and 4 year olds for 45 minute sessions. Level 2 is for 5 and 6 year olds for 60 minute sessions. Both levels introduce fundamental tap steps, terminologies, and age appropriate ballet technique. Classes begin with warmups which reinforce proper dance class participation. Both levels perform in our year-end recital at the Auditorium Theater.

Level 3 consists of 7-9 year olds for 1.5 hour sessions, Level 4 is for ages 10-12 for 2.25 hour sessions. All classes are weekly and consist of ballet, tap, and jazz. Students will participate in our year-end recital at the Auditorium Theater.

Teens 13 and over that are looking to stay fit and have fun without a big commitment are welcome to take our intermediate to advanced classes. Level 5 students study 3 hours per week in ballet, jazz, and tap. Beginners and returning dancers are always welcomed. All students will participate in our year-end recital at the Auditorium Theater.


For New Teens

This short, four week session is offered in early fall to accommodate the teen student who may have never danced previously, or has not danced in a while. While this innovative offering is relatively new, the outcomes have been acknowledged as extremely helpful in many ways. The classes review and introduce our curriculum so that each student will successfully blend into their appropriate class. This session is in addition to the regular weekly classes.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are always welcomed into the Fitzsimmons Dance Factory family. Initial placement , if prior observations haven’t happened are determined by age. As we make classroom observations and evaluations, a student may be moved. It is our belief, for the well being of the dancer, to begin at a lower level and then progress from there. Many factors enter into blending a new student into our program including technique accomplishment, dance vocabulary, exposure to certain dance disciplines and of course, age.

Our company/competitive dance program consists of two days plus a week, and includes the option of touring groups for older students.

Company Primary Level 

An intro to competition for those that don't want compete in our full-time competition classes. Here dancers will explore lyrical, contemporary, musical theater and hip hop. Classes are less than six hours a week, combined with core classes. One competition is attended along with performing in multiple recitals. For more information, please email us at

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